Age of Heroes

M&M House Rules


I’m a terrible rules tinkerer and despite never actually playing M&M I have managed to amass a number of house rules. Many of these are options or variants from The Minotaur. Key changes are also detailed on the Character Creation pages.

  • Generating Attributes: I’m used to the ‘4d6 drop lowest‘ method. Attributes are rolled in order, with the option of swapping any two (if desired).
  • Variant Classes & Class Selection: I prefer the ‘alternate’ Amazon and ‘renovated’ Noble class, as well as the updated Lyrist (all from The Minotaur). Some tweaks to available classes too, as detailed on the class selection page.
  • Saving Throws: Alternate formulas for Danger Evasion and Mystic Fortitude are used (also from The Minotaur).
  • Initiative: Instead of each character having a fixed value, initiative is determined at the start of combat by rolling d6 and adding your initiative modifier (equal to Skill + Wits mods).
  • Armour & Shields: I have some tweaks to the available armour and shields lists. Since PCs in the first session start without any possessions, I’ll wait until later before posting these rules.
  • Weapon Damage: Daggers do d6-1 damage (even on a sneak attack or when thrown); barbarian weapons inflict d6+1 damage, but automatically lose initiative vs. ‘civilized’ weapons; staffs do d6 subdual damage.
  • Unarmed Combat: Pugilism inflicts d6 subdual damage minus the EDC of the target’s armour; wrestling inflicts 1 point of subdual damage in addition to grappling the opponent.

There’s a number of optional rules from other sources that I’m planning on using:

  • M&M Companion: As mentioned above, archers are available as an optional PC class. Background Talents will not be used. Nor will the rules on Heroic Development or Divine Agents. I might add Homeric Combat after the first session, but for now its out.
  • The Minotaur Magazine: The Mariner from Minotaur N° 1 and Slinger variant from Minotaur N° 5 are available. As noted above, we will use the ‘alternate’ Amazon and ‘renovated’ Noble class, as well as the updated Lyrist. The alternate Saving Throw rules from Minotaur N° 2 and N° 3 shall be used. I also like the ‘Magicians and Armour’ variant from Minotaur N° 4 (p 44) and the ‘Alternate Armament’ rules from Minotaur N° 5 (p 54). And the ‘No Mean Feat!’ rules from the recent Minotaur N° 8 (p 45) have caught my eye.

I don’t expect people to remember all these details. This page is primarily intended to document my house rules so that you can be confident I will act in a fair and impartial manner as a referee. All house rules will apply equally to NPCs and monsters in addition to Player Characters.


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