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Vikings & Valkyries Draft Release!

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UPDATE: The official release is now online at Vikings & Valkyries webpage. Go check it out!

Vikings & Valkyries is a new Norse-themed supplement for Mazes & Minotaurs by Olivier Legrand, using the same game mechanics and approach as the ‘revised’ M&M rules. It is currently in draft, with minor editing remaining before the ‘official’ release. V&V “recreate[s] the brutal action of Viking adventuring on your tabletop, complete with runes, trolls, dragon-headed ships, sword-biting berserkers and, of course, horned helmets – which, incidentally, were never used by real Norsemen but who cares?”.

If you’d like to snag a free copy (and hopefully provide editing feedback), swing by the Mazes & Minotaurs Yahoo Group and check out the latest messages for a download link.

V&V has stoked my interest in this gameblog again. I’m not convinced anyone actually stops by anymore, but I intend to write up my ‘house rules’ for V&V, just like I did for the proposed M&M Play-by-Skype campaign.



Heroic Age Gaming using Skype and Gametable

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Welcome to the Age of Heroes!

Age of Heroes is an old-school rules-light RPG set in a mythical bronze-age world. Using the Mazes & Minotaurs ruleset, adventures will be run via the internet with Skype and Gametable. This gameblog is intended to capture character information, house rules, campaign background, session logs, and player communications.

Follow these links to jump to some key pages:

Right now I’m still recruiting players. When we have enough PCs, I’ll start organizing a date for the first game session.

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