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Vikings & Valkyries House Rules

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Here are my house rules for Vikings & Valkyries. In most cases, they are based on my M&M House Rules. I’ve also got some ideas for the Priest class in a post-Ragnarök campaign, but haven’t fleshed them out yet.

  • Generating Attributes: I’m used to the ‘4d6 drop lowest’ method. Attributes are rolled in order, with the option of swapping any two (if desired).
  • Variant Classes & Class Selection: The Prince class is based on the ‘renovated’ Noble, and Skalds use the updated Lyrist powers (both from The Minotaur). The Shapeshifter and Mariner classes (from the M&M Companion and The Minotaur, respectively) are acceptable as PC classes.
  • Trollborn: Change all references of ‘Half-Giants’ to ‘Trollborn’. Game rules and flavour text remains otherwise identical, except that they would have Troll Speech as their extra spoken language.
  • Saving Throws: Alternate formulas for Danger Evasion and Mystic Fortitude are used (also from The Minotaur).
  • Initiative: Instead of each character having a fixed value, initiative is determined at the start of combat by rolling d6 and adding your initiative modifier (equal to Skill + Wits mods).
  • Armour & Shields: The term ‘mail corselet’ is not used. Instead, chain hauberks provide +3 EDC, cost 150 sp, and weigh 3 enc. Chain byrnies are also available, adding +2 EDC for 100 sp and 2 enc. Helmets only add +1 to EDC, but still cost 75 sp and weigh 1 enc.
  • Literacy: Any character may select runic literacy as one of his starting languages.
  • Weapon Damage: Daggers do d6-1 damage (even on a sneak attack or when thrown); ‘barbarian’ weapons are termed ‘battle’ weapons instead and inflict d6+1 damage, but automatically lose initiative vs. spears and swords (as do great axes); staffs do d6 subdual damage.
  • Unarmed Combat: Brawling inflicts d6 subdual damage minus the EDC of the target’s armour; wrestling inflicts 1 point of subdual damage in addition to grappling the opponent.

There’s a number of optional rules from other sources that I’m planning on using:

  • M&M Companion: As mentioned above, Shapeshifters are available as an optional PC class. Critical Hits and Fumbles will be used (along with the new combat options in V&V). Background Talents will not be used. Nor will the rules on Heroic Development or Divine Agents.
  • The Minotaur Magazine: The Mariner from Minotaur N° 1 is available. As noted above, we will use the ‘renovated’ Noble for the Prince class, as well as the updated Lyrist powers for Skalds. The alternate Saving Throw rules from Minotaur N° 2 and N° 3 shall be used. I also like the ‘Magicians and Armour’ variant from Minotaur N° 4 (p 44) and the ‘Alternate Armament’ rules from Minotaur N° 5 (p 54). And the ‘No Mean Feat!’ rules from Minotaur N° 8 (p 45) have caught my eye.

(Quite a few house rules for a game I’ve never actually played yet, eh?)


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