Age of Heroes

Class Selection


Next, you will select your class. Unlike the core M&M rules, I will allow players to select a class that does not match their two highest attributes. You can play a Spearman, for example, whose Might is greater than his Skill or Will.

I’d like to stick to ‘human’ characters for at least the first few sessions, so there will be no Centaur or Nymph PCs to start.

Note that I prefer the ‘alternate’ Amazon and ‘renovated’ Noble class descriptions from Minotaur N° 3 (p. 4) and Minotaur N° 2 (p. 23), respectively (or the ‘special edition’ Players Manual). I’m also using the updated Lyrist from Minotaur N° 4 (p. 32).

In addition, I like the Archer class from the M&M Companion – and the Slinger variant from Minotaur N° 5 (p. 55). The Mariner class from Minotaur N° 1 (p. 14) is also acceptable.

The permitted class selection (and primary attributes for each) therefore looks like this:

  • Warriors: Amazon (Skill & Will), Barbarian (Might & Will), Noble (Luck & Other), Spearman (Skill & Will).
  • Magicians: Elementalist (Will & Wits), Lyrist (Grace & Luck), Priest (Luck & Will), Sorcerer (Will & Wits).
  • Specialists: Archer/Slinger (Skill & Wits), Hunter (Skill & Wits), Mariner (Will & Luck), Thief (Wits & Luck).


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