Age of Heroes

Determine Attributes

Basic Attributes


The first step in character creation is to determine your basic attributes. Each PC’s physical and mental capabilities are represented by six scores:

  • MIGHT: Physical strength.
  • SKILL: Adroitness and martial training.
  • WITS: Alertness and cleverness.
  • LUCK: Good fortune and divine favour.
  • WILL: Resolve and self-discipline.
  • GRACE: Charm and appeal.

Generating Scores

For the Age of Heroes campaign, an alternate attribute generation shall be used.

To determine a basic attribute for your character, roll four six-sided dice (4d6). Disregard the lowest die, and total the three highest dice. Roll six ability scores for your character, recording the result each time, and assign the results – in order – to MIGHT, SKILL, WITS, LUCK, WILL, and GRACE.

As with all M&M PCs, if the sum of the six scores is less than 75+, or if they do not include at least two scores of 13+, simply discard the rolls and generate a new set of attributes.

Rolling character attributes is a bit tricky over the web. I want to make sure all rolls are done fairly, and I figure the easiest way to do this online is to use the RPG Library Dice Server. Be sure to send the results to yourself and me (

You have the option of swapping any pair of these scores, if you wish. You may also lower one of them by 1 or 2 points to increase a Primary Attribute by the same amount. This may be done only once and may not take the increased attribute score over 18. You’ll want to keep in mind the kind of character your PC is going to be in order to know where to best place your highest attributes.


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