Age of Heroes

Finishing Touches


Now you can choose your character’s name, age, appearance, etc. As the M&M Players Handbook suggests, try to find a name that sounds Greek or Mediterranean. You should also select a patron deity at this point. The M&M Players Handbook has suggestions according to class (p. 16), but you can decide on an atypical patron if you want.

Don’t worry about calculating combat scores or saving throws; I’ll add them up when I post your character details online. Normally at this point you would also determine the wealth and equipment of your character. However, given the nature of the campaign kickoff, you won’t be needing to do that for this game. Note that we won’t be using the background skills rules from the M&M Companion.

Once you’ve made all of these finishing touches, write up a short description of your character (about a sentence long) and send me an e-mail with the details ( I’ll type up your character and add him to the Player Characters page.

When we have enough players I’ll start organizing a date for the first game session. In the meantime, check out the introductory game post and feel free to chat on the General Discussion page.


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